Ouroboros Snake Planters by Soul of the Party

Ouroboros Snake Planters by Soul of the Party

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In every ending there is a new beginning; the ouroboros is known for eternity and continual renewal of life that represents rebirth, transformation, immortality and healing, and is one of nature's profound and prolific symbols.


  • Please note: each pot or saucer is hand-finished; some variation in texture should be expected.
  • Size: 6.5" W x 6" H"
  • Includes one pot with a saucer (plant not included!) 

The meaning of Soul of the Party is to make “everyday a party” in the way one decorates, feels, and lives close to nature. Soul of the Party is committed to creating unique aesthetics and capturing the beauty of nature by designing plant hangers and plant pots for everyday use. From the shapes of knots, hand-dyed yarns, to graphic elements, each collection is always authentic and stays true to its core values of love & passion