Alocasia Frydek Rug
Alocasia Frydek Rug
Alocasia Frydek Rug

Alocasia Frydek Rug

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Our Rugs are hand tufted by our partnered artist, Yvonne Luong.
Follow her @hella_tufft on Instagram.

Photo credits to: @minimalistsunday and @partly_pink_plants

Material List:

Tufted with Reflect 100% New Zealand Wool

Reflect New Zealand wool is dyed in small batches in the U.S. and sold on cardboard cones ready for your yarn feeder. Also great for use in punch-needle embroidery, weaving, and other textile crafts

Primary Backing

100% Jute Fiber Burlap

Bonding Agent

Roberts 3095 glue for backing

Secondary Backing

Tan Eco Wool Felt


  • A low cost alternative to SAE felt*.

  • No post-processing or dyes are applied.

  • Naturally flame retardant


Care Instructions:


  • Avoid soil accumulation. Do not walk on rug with soiled shoes.

  • Spot clean with a damp cloth as needed. 

  • Vacuum as needed. Your rug likes it!  If possible, vacuum with no beater bar to gently clean your wool rug. It can be harsh on wool which can shed easily. 

  • Shedding is normal. However, if you are regularly vacuuming with a beater bar, it can cause the fibers to become fuzzier and cause more shedding than normal. 

  • Repositioning of fibers may be needed after vacuuming. You may do this by hand or with needle nose tweezers. After vacuuming, you may notice some fibers pulled and the pile may be uneven. If this occurs, you can cut it to even out the cut length. If you prefer, you may pull it out entirely but be careful not to pull the whole cut out. Instead, pull out one strand at a time, keeping in mind that each strand of yarn is 3 ply meaning it is complied of 3 strands of spun yarn. Please pull 1 ply at a time. 

  • To prolong the life of the rug, place in a low traffic area to avoid flattening the pile. Placing the rug in a high traffic area may flatten the fibers. Rotating the position of the rug can also help to prolong it’s life. 

  • Place in a low humidity area. Wool is antimicrobial in nature but if placed in a high humidity area for prolonged periods of time, or is not properly dried, may cause it to start developing mildew and turn into dry rot. If dry rot is allowed to spread, it can destroy the rug. 

  • For full cleaning, seek a professional.




  1. Send your damaged rug for reclaim to the Carpet America Recovery Organization.