Anthurium red crystallinum x Silver Blush
Anthurium red crystallinum x Silver Blush

Anthurium red crystallinum x Silver Blush

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This is a new hybrid created by a talented grower right here in the Bay Area! 

Information on the plant from our grower: 

"The Red Crystal has dark red new leaves which eventually turn black when they harden at full maturity. The plant has grown to jungle size in my greenhouse.

What I love about the Silver Hope / Silver Blush is the excess of silver on all its leaves. The silver spills out from the veins and gives this electric look which is very attractive.
This is currently exclusive to the Bay Area as I do not have the time to deal with shipping nationally.

The seedlings are grown at high humidity of 80-90%. I currently have them in a Rubbermaid plastic tub. I will deliver them to you in a ziplock bag, which you could keep using or have the plant transferred to a high humidity environment. You do not need to change the pot or substrate the seedling is in until 6 months later when it’s bigger in size. Never overwater so there won’t be rot. You could use grow lights and a heat mat to promote growth."

Plant Lady Note: I have been growing this seedling out in higher humidity as well, although not quite 90%.  I do recommend keeping it in a cabinet that is warm and humid for best results.