Arka™ Romeo Plant Trellis
Arka™ Romeo Plant Trellis
Arka™ Romeo Plant Trellis

Arka™ Romeo Plant Trellis

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Transparent Acrylic Embellished Arka Original Hoop Trellis

Send a sweet message to your someone special (our yourself) with this love themed trellis to support their houseplant collection or indoor garden! A beautiful way to bring a little more love into your home, this trellis is sturdy and lightweight, with subtle heart shaped accents that add a little flair to your plant.

Minimalistic hoop shape, based off of the Arka Original Trellis shape with two added heart shapes provides support for vining and trailing plants. Wrap the vine around the trellis and through the hearts as your plants grow.

- Sturdy
- Flexible
- Waterproof
- Original design
- Classic hoop shape
- Promotes growth of vines 
- Minimalist aesthetic

Great for:
- Small philodendron
- Vining plants: pothos, monstera, etc
- Hoya

Height: 12"  Width: 8"
Base: 5" (fits 4-6 inch pots)

Arka Trellises are proudly made in the U.S.A.