Begonia bullatifolia

Begonia bullatifolia

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Miniature species from Brazil with circular leaves like bubble wrap. Ideal for terrariums and an absolute rarity.

Begonia bullatifolia is a small-sized begonia from a very small distribution area in southeastern Brazil, described only in 2009. There it grows in leaf litter and humus of the Atlantic Forest in the state of Espírito Santo at 750 m a.s.l., in the Roberto Kautsky Forest, municipality of Domingos Martins. It has an estimated range of less than 10 km²!

It gets only about 10 to 15cm tall and grows with a creeping rhizome. Leaves are circular to kidney-shaped and borne horizontally, just above the ground. They grow to a maximum of about 10cm, but usually remain smaller. Particularly striking, of course, is the strong structuring of the leaves, which thus look like bubble wrap. From below the leaves are red. All parts of the plant are covered with flat, branched hairs. Over time, it grows bushy with many rhizomes. It is ideal also for small terrariums.

The inflorescences grow about 20 to 30 cm high and bear several pale pink flowers.