Begonia 'Irene Nuss'

Begonia 'Irene Nuss'

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Begonia 'Irene Nuss' is a very nice upright cane Begonia. The large leaves are bronze-green and it has large clusters of pink flowers. It is a fast grower and blooms a lot. This cultivar has been awarded the Royal Horticulture Society's Award of Garden Merit. This award is given to plants that have outstanding performance in the garden by the British Royal Horticulture Society. This is a classic cane.

This begonia also shows tiny flecks of silver dusting - almost like glitter! - on some of the leaves. 

(Irene Nuss, CA. 1971)

Begonia 'Irene Nuss':
Shade to partial shade, temp. 45 degrees, 24 to 36 inches tall, allow getting slightly dry between waterings