Begonia natunaensis

Begonia natunaensis

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Begonia natunaensis is a species from the Island of Natuna, Indonesia, which is Northwest of Borneo. It was described in 2014 and grows on Mt. Ranai at an elevation of 100m. This begonia has white flowers and requires a little extra humidity to thrive. Allow the soil to get slightly dry between watering as it prefers to be on the dry side.

This little begonia is just so cool. I love that it has saucer-shaped leaves much like Pilea peperomiodes or even Anthurium forgetii. It also has an iridescent shimmer that can make the plant look sparkly blue in certain lights.

This rhizomatous species has been grown under the incorrect name of B. phuthoensis, which is from Vietnam.

Care of Begonia natunaensis:

Shade to partial shade outdoors, bright gentle light indoors
Temp. 50 to 95 degrees,
18 to 24 ins. tall,
allow getting fairly dry between watering.