Calathea & Maranta soil mix | 5L

Calathea & Maranta soil mix | 5L

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This blend contains everything prayer plant could be asking for. We all know the struggle of Calathea's en Maranta's leaves furling in and getting crispy edges. No more with this premium mix! The activated carbon will turn any chemicals harmless for your beloved plant. As the Maranta and Calathea have become a staple in the houseplant hobby, we felt like this mix couldn't be left out. This mix stays moist longer because of the added vermiculite and coco coir/perlite ratio, giving you more leeway with watering your prayer plants.   

 Peat free   

Hand mixed Ingredients:

- Coco coir

- Perlite

- Vermiculite

- Worm castings

- Activated carbon