Drosera x Carbarup

Drosera x Carbarup

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"Pygmy sundews, almost all of which originiate in southwestern Western Australia, are a fascinating and complex group of plants. They are true miniatures, rarely larger than a penny.  Aall are beautiful, diminutive jewels, best seen in colonies with the aid of magnifying glasses.  There are probably around forty species or so, including a few hybrids. 

Most pygmy sundews are easy to grow in cultivation.  Fortunately, when kept wet year-round, most species don't require a dry summer dormancy. Therefore, they can be enjoyed year round and more or less grown like typical subtropical rosetted sundews. 

Pygmy Drosera grow well in half sand to half peat mixture. They also do well in about 80% peat to 20% perlite. Grow them in the tray system. A sunny position is required (grow lights also work very well). All thrive in cool and warm greenhouses. They also do well in terrariums grown close to the lights, but you should shorten the photoperiod in autumn for gemmae production.  They are superb outdoors in pots and bog gardens in warm temperate, subtropical and mediterranean climates and will spread in bogs to form beautiful glittering colonies. They are generally tolerant of brief, light frosts into the mid 20s F, but perform even better in frot-free climates. On wilndowsills they require very sunny conditions. 

Although pygmy Drosera primarily catch small, gnat-sized instects, very large prey such as crane flies, moths, and houseflies are also caught. Sometimes dense colonies of the plants act in a group effort to overpower prey. Struggling insects leave behind their legs and wings in their attempt to escape th elong, rapidly moving tentacles. The individual plants feats on whatever insect parts they can grab."

Excerpt from The Savage Garden by Peter D'Amato