Nepenthes 'Dreaming Beast'
Nepenthes 'Dreaming Beast'

Nepenthes 'Dreaming Beast'

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From the local breeder:

"This is a complex cross the likes of which we've never done before! We've taken one of our favorite breeders, Nepenthes "Dream", and combined it with a Nepenthes x briggsiana x x trusmadiensis. That means this cross is fully 1/4 N. lowii, and the other parentage is nothing to sneeze at! Expect plenty of updates as the select clones from this set mature.

The full designation for this hybrid is Nepenthes (densiflora × spectabilis "giant") × [(lowii × ventricosa) × (lowii × macrophylla)]. "  Parentage is shown on second photo.

Keep moss moist and provide bright light.