Philodendron sodiroi

Philodendron sodiroi

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Philodendron sodiroi is a rare aroid whose main feature is its stunning foliage. Philodendron sodiroi leaves are large, heart-shaped, and can grow up to 8 inches (20 cm) in diameter. They have a glossy shine, and each leaf will develop a unique pattern of silver and deep, vivid green.

After many years, as the plant matures, you may notice that the leaves revert to a darker green color, without any silver markings. Philodendron sodiroi is a climber and will produce increasingly larger leaves if you provide it with a moss pole. If you want to create a unique statement corner in your room, try growing it next to other varieties of silver leaf philodendron, such as the Silver Philodendron

Philodendron sodiroi has several lookalikes, and in the houseplants trade, you may come across species mislabeled as a true Sodiroi.  The most common example is the Philodendron sodiroi aff. In botanic taxonomy, the ‘aff’ epithet is used to indicate that a plant has an affinity or similarity to a certain species while being a different one altogether.

A true Sodiroi is a climber, while the Sodiroi aff is a trailing vine. If you provide the Sodiroi aff with a climbing pole, it won’t attach to it, and it won’t produce the large, iconic leaves of a true Sodiroi. The easiest way to identify a true Philodendron sodiroi is by looking at the leaf petiole. It should be dark red, with small lumps close to the base of the leaf. If the petiole is smooth and green, you’re dealing with a Sodiroi aff.