TERRORium by Linden Moss Designs

TERRORium by Linden Moss (Sarracenia purpurea + Venus Flytrap)

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This gorgeous terrarium by @LindenMossDesign is the result of an exciting collaboration between our shop and the artist!  We told Alice that we've always wanted to create "bog art" - open terrariums featuring carnivorous plants as the star of the show! 

This piece features two fearsome carnivorous plants - a gorgeous Serracenia purpurea and a Venus Flytrap. Want to know a terrifying fact?  Serracenia purpurea are native to .....OHIO!!! *cue scream* We've also added water spangles to round out the magical bog vibe.  

This TERRORium needs high light! Place it outside in part sun, indoors on a very sunny windowsill, or under grow lights for best results.