Thaumatophyllum stenolobum
Thaumatophyllum stenolobum

Thaumatophyllum stenolobum

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Thaumatophyllum stenolobum is a mostly terrestrial aroid that develops a thick main stem anchored into the ground by aerial roots. The leaves are dark glossy green with prominent back lobes and a pointed tip. At maturity leaves can grow to several feet long. As the plant grows taller, lower leaves drop, leaving signature eye-like scars on the stem.

Once mature, looks like a cross between billietiae and hope selloum (see second photo for example of mature plant)

Care of Thaumatophyllum stenolobum:

  • Bright, gentle light
  • 45 to 95 degrees,
  • Self-heading growth habit
  • Water when top two inches of soil are dry

Family: Araceae