Agapate serpens
Agapate serpens

Agapate serpens

Agapetes serpens is an unusual and attractive shrub with arching stems that are bejeweled with beautiful, bell-shaped, scarlet flowers.After flowering, attractive bluey/green berries develop that look like pearls.

They have small glossy leaves and go well under trees, in native and rock gardens or can be trained to grow along a fence. Their pendulous branches also makes them good for containers or large hanging baskets. They are fairly drought tolerant once established but need protection from frost., though they do come from the Himalayas and can thrive in cooler climates.  If you live in San Francisco they can do well outdoors and will attract birds to your garden.

If grown indoors ensure that they do not sit in direct sunlight for long each day..

Soil: Well drained but humus rich soils are best. Do not plant too deep, with the tuber or root top only just covered with soil or mulch.

They prefer a sunny location though a little shade is well tolerated throughout the day.

Protect from scorching afternoon sun and drying winds.

Maintenance: Keep well watered in hot weather.