Aglaonema 'Cutlass'

Aglaonema 'Cutlass'

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Aglaonema 'Cutlass' has long and lance-shaped leaves with pale silver-green colors. Aglaonema cutlass is a slow-growing houseplant. It has a maximum height of 2 feet. Blade-like streaked green and creamy-white foliage with dark green central veins of this plant can bring a vibrant look in both indoors and landscapes.

With its long, slim leaves in the shape of a blade, Cutlass really seems to be living up to its name. The color of the foliage is pale silver-green with markings in dark green. The stems on which the leaves grow are short and clustered giving the plant a full, lush appearance.

This plant can survive in a low humidity environment, but it will thrive with a higher humidity level. Mist the leaves regularly to raise the humidity. Cutlasses prefer temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s. For best results, use a general houseplant fertilizer once a month during the spring and summer.

Moderately toxic to pets and humans on consumption.