Alocasia sarian
Alocasia 'Sarian'
Alocasia ‘Sarian’

Alocasia ‘Sarian’

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Alocasia ‘Sarian’ is a hybrid of Alocasia zebrina and A. micholitziana. It was named for Zac B. Sarian, an agricultural journalist from the Philippines. It is a rhizomatous, tropical perennial that features leathery, wavy-edged, arrowhead-shaped, dark green, upward pointing leaves. The leaves have wide, conspicuous, bright white main veins and long, thick, striped petioles. It has large calla lily-like flowers although it may never bloom.

‘Sarian’ does not do well in temperatures lower than 55 degrees and must be brought inside when temperatures begin to drop. When grown year round in warm climates, it will grow up to 12 ft. tall and wide. When grown in cooler climates and overwintered in a pot as a houseplant or stored as a dormant rhizome, it will grow to just 5 to 6 ft. tall and wide.