Alocasia zebrina
Alocasia zebrina

Alocasia zebrina

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The Alocasia zebrina is a stunning tropical plant, with distinct zebra-marked stems and large leaves.

  • Origin: Native to Southeast Asia

  • Common Names: Elephant Ear

  • Toxicity: Yes, toxic for dogs, cats and humans. Toxic in excess, symptoms include irritation of mouth, tongue and lips, excessive drooling, difficulty swallowing and upset stomach if consumed.

  • Water / Humidity: This plant needs high humidity to replicate its tropical origins, but does not need frequent watering, as its thick stems retain water. The stems and leaves will start to hang down when they’re in need of more water. Only water when your plant shows it’s ready for more. When watering, pour from the top until the water drips out of the bottom. Direct misting the leaves is not advised; to increase humidity you can place this plant by a small humidifier or group it near other plants.

  • Light: This plant likes bright indirect light and will grow towards the sun, so rotating it occasionally (every time you water), helps it continue to grow straight. Direct full sun will burn its leaves.

  • Soil / Nutrients: Well draining soil and apply a few drops of general houseplant fertilizer to the soil once a month from spring to summer, following the package instructions for dilution and administration. Do not provide nutrients in the fall and winter.

  • Temperature: The range of 18-25ºC is best; avoid drafts.