Anthurium ‘Pterodactyl’

Anthurium ‘Pterodactyl’

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Anthurium 'Pterodactyl' is a dark velvet clarinervium hybrid that grows a unique leaf shape as it matures. The standard heart leaf transforms into a triangular, lobed shape that varies from plant to plant. While the true parentage is up for debate, our guess is that this plant is a cross between Anthurium clarinervium and Anthurium pedatoradiatum. No matter its origins, we're loving the plant's crystal veins and ease of care

This hybrid is actually a great anthurium to get if you don’t have as much experience with these plants, as it can stand to dry out a bit more than other cultivars, and doesn’t need quite as much humidity in order to thrive!

- Bright gentle light is great, direct sun is not necessary 

- Allow roots to approach dry between waterings or keep plant lightly moist (but never soaked) at all times 

- Feed regularly with fertilizer of choice