Anthurium dorayaki
Anthurium ‘Dorayaki’ F2
Anthurium ‘Dorayaki’ F2

Anthurium ‘Dorayaki’ F2

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Anthurium ‘Dorayaki' is an exclusive Anthurium crystallinum hybrid. The name 'Dorayaki' actually refers to a round, pancake-like confectionery in Japan. Indeed, the leaves of this specimen share a physical resemblance with the dessert: smooth, thick, and pleasantly rounded. They are visually different from crystallinum's elongated heart-shaped foliage.

The plant has white veins that are significantly wider as well. The hybrid’s venation gives a shimmering, silvery sheen when viewed from certain angles.

Anthurium Dorayaki grows best under bright, indirect light. To prevent leaf burn, it should not be exposed directly to sunlight. You can use a combination of orchid bark, cactus soil, and perlite to provide a well-draining soil mix. Water the plant when the top soil feels dry.

Compared to Crystallinum, the Anthurium Dorayaki plant grows closer to the ground. You will also find that it grows sideways, rather than continuously increase in height by reaching upwards.

The appeal of Anthurium Dorayaki mainly comes from its small size and adorable aesthetic. While it may not be honeyed or filled with delectable bean paste like the actual snack, it is certainly a delightful, pleasing plant to have in your collection.