Anthurium red crystallinum
Mother Plant of red crystallinum
Pollen Donor of red crystallinum

Anthurium red crystallinum

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This is a beautiful Anthurium hybrid that was originally bred by Dr. Block in collaboration with Tezula Plants.  It is famous for the color of its emergent leaves, which can range from crimson red to a royal purple color.  Seedlings will display distinctive coloration by the time they're juveniles, after about five leaves. 

The seedlings offered at our shop come from a local source, and have not suffered transport or acclimation stress of any kind. They can be grown in ambient humidity of 60% or above. They are also a good candidate for a cabinet terrarium.

From the grower: 

"Not your usual red crystal, the parent plant is a mix of the mother (pic 2) and a tezula red crystal which has a dark magenta emergent leaf."