Banana Tree (Musa)

Banana Tree (Musa)

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 Surprise! Banana trees (technically not actually a tree) can make excellent house plants if you have enough light for them!  They grow quickly and can get very large indoors in the right conditions. Best yet, they are totally pet safe! So if you've been looking for a large statement plant that cat or dog friendly, this is the one!  Banana plants generally have a fast growth rate, and if you choose to grow them outside, they should be planted in the spring.  Sadly, banana plants typically won't bear fruit indoors. 


Provide lots of light! 2-4 hours of direct sun in a southern or western window is great. 

Water frequently - bananas are thirsty! Watering once or twice a week is typical. 

Bananas are also hungry! They will appreciate an organic or balanced fertilizer added to their water 1-2x a month