Calathea concinna
Calathea concinna

Calathea concinna

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Calathea concinna has a multitude of common names due to its many interesting features. The most popular of the selection is Calathea Freddie, Freddie Prayer Plant, or Zebra Plant.

Understandably, the name ‘Zebra Plant’ is in reference to the plant’s beautifully patterned leaves. They flash zebra-like stripes of silvery-green with darker green stripes and borders.

And, the name ‘Prayer Plant’ derives from the plant’s natural habit of opening and closing its leaves. 

Calathea concinna is natively found in the northwestern regions of Brazil. It is an exotic tropical perennial that is slightly more forgiving than its temperamental sibling plants. 

Water: Evenly moist / water any time the top layer of soil dries out (if anywhere other than San Francisco, use distilled water)

Humidity: Above 50%

Light: Low light loving