Dracula woolwardiae

Dracula woolwardiae

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The Dracula orchids, also known as "Monkey Face Orchids," are a group of epiphytic orchids native to the cloud forests of Central and South America. The name "Dracula" refers to the Latin word for "little dragon" or "little specter," which is inspired by the appearance of the orchid's unusual and often grotesque flowers.

Dracula orchids are known for their unique and captivating flowers, which resemble monkey faces or mythical creatures. The blooms usually have a dark coloration, often with intricate patterns and markings. Many Dracula orchids also feature long, thin petals that resemble fangs or tendrils, adding to their ghoulish appearance.

These orchids typically grow in cool, high-altitude regions, mimicking their natural habitat in cloud forests. They prefer cool temperatures, high humidity, and indirect or diffused light. Dracula orchids are epiphytic, meaning they grow on other plants, such as trees, and obtain nutrients from the air and rain. 

Due to their specific environmental requirements, Dracula have a reputation for being challenging to grow and cultivate in home conditions. HOWEVER, in San Francisco we can actually grow them outdoors without much trouble at all, since our foggy and cool summers mimic their natural habitat!!

Indoors they can require specialized care including high humidity levels, and good air circulation. I try to keep my temperatures for them between 60-70 degrees F. (How do i do it? I open the window. The end!) I find myself watering them about 2-3 times a week. 

Dracula orchids are very popular among experienced orchid collectors because of their incredible appearance. However, you don't need to be a orchid grower with 15 years of experience to grow one. I'm learning that in San Francisco at least, we have the conditions to set them up for success, both indoors and outdoors!