Drosera venusta (Rosetted Sundew)
Drosera venusta

Drosera venusta (Rosetted Sundew)

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Rosetted sundews are low-growing carnivorous plants with leaves that fan out into a rosette like pattern.  They are lovely, easy to grow and have attractive flowers.  They are perfect plants for very sunny windowsills and they will also thrive in a terrarium under grow lights.

Drosera venusta is a spectacular sundew native to South Africa. The wide, semi-erect leaves are a vivid red-orange color with bright red tendrils and copious droplets of dew. Because of their compact growth tendency, these make fantastic terrarium specimens.

Care Instructions

Sun: Full sun indoors, in a terrarium or outdoors if you live in a nearly frost free climate

Water: Always sitting in at least two inches of distilled or purified water

Temperature: 40 degrees - 90 degrees

Dormancy: none needed