frizzle sizzle
Frizzle Sizzle (Albuca spiralis)

Frizzle Sizzle (Albuca spiralis)

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Originating in South Africa, this spiral-grass like plant has a distinctive appearance with narrow leaves and coiled tips. Its leaves arise from an underground bulb and are tightly curled at ends. In the blooming season, frizzle sizzle grows scented yellow flowers.

From the beginning of the summer through most of the fall, Frizzle Sizzle should only be watered once every 2 or 3 weeks, or when the soil is completely dry. This is very important to remember, as this is when the plant goes through its dormancy period.Β 

During this plant's growing season, which happens in Winter months or once the weather starts to cool down, your watering should be adjusted to once a week or just enough to keep its soil evenly moist but not soggy.

This sun wants as much light as it can get indoors. Place directly in a southern or western windowsill, or under grow lights.Β