Golden Rat Tail Cactus (Cleistocctus winteri)
Golden Rat Tail Cactus (Cleistocctus winteri)

Golden Rat Tail Cactus (Cleistocctus winteri)

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The Golden Rat Tail cactus is truly a splendid plant that will add a touch of wildness to your garden or sunny interior. Like most cacti, it complements modern interior decors dominated by white and small accents of stone or light-colored wood. This type of interior decorum resembles the arid environments with which cacti are associated.

Due to its easy-going nature, Cleistocactus winteri is suitable for gardeners of all skill levels. It would take a special set of skills to damage this sturdy plant. While it blooms easily, it is not the flowers but the general shape of this cactus that steals the spotlight. As such, if you find this plant’s appearance interesting, you can enjoy it all year long, and you do not have to put too much effort into its maintenance. It prefers if you bother it as little as possible.

Always allow soil to dry completely between waterings. Water more often when the plant is actively growing. In the spring you may get lovely flowers and outdoors you may even find that it produces fruit for you!  Indoors make sure and place this plant very close to a bright window. Direct sun is encouraged. 

This cactus is sometimes mistakenly referred to as Monkey Tail Cactus, but that is actually a different and more uncommon plant.