Hoya wayetii

Hoya wayetii

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This type of Hoya has elongated, blade-shaped leaves and needs a great deal of light. Bright, indirect light from dawn to dusk is best. 

Your plant needs six hours of bright, indirect sunlight daily to thrive and bloom. The more indirect sunlight the plant receives, the more it will flower. 

Once you’ve found the right setting for your Hoya, keep it there. These plants do not like to move around. Turn the plant a quarter turn every few days to ensure that the entire plant is receiving enough sun. 

Allow to dry between waterings.  Fertilize monthly during the growing season to encourage blooms. 

Growers note: Hoya wayetii is often confused with Hoya kentiana, and indeed, these were mislabeled at the nursery. If you're wondering which yours is, there's a 99% chance it's a wayetii. Kentianas have a slightly slimmer leaf with no brown edges. Google them side by side to see the difference.