Irish Moss Seeds
Irish Moss Seeds

Irish Moss Seeds

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This fast growing Irish Moss is stunning! We are proud to be the leader in Irish Moss distribution in Canada. Yes! Irish Moss Seeds are TINY 🔍 ✅ 🤩

Embrace the beauty of a lush green carpet in your garden with Mossify's fast-growing Irish Moss seeds. Perfect for creating a stunning, natural alternative between flagstones or rock pathways, Irish Moss seeds grow together to form a dense, cushion-like carpet of emerald-green foliage, complete with charming white and yellow star-shaped flowers that bloom in spring.

Mossify's Irish Moss seeds are harvested in the USA and are perfect for planting outdoors, as long as the area is consistently watered and moist during germination. With an 87% germination test rate, these seeds are a reliable choice for creating a thriving, green oasis in your garden.

To ensure the best results, we recommend germinating your Irish Moss seeds indoors and following our step-by-step guide to create a flourishing outdoor garden. With proper care and attention, your Irish Moss will grow into a breathtaking and soft green carpet that you'll love walking on barefoot.

Quick facts:

  • Sagina Subulata grows very dense and lush. Feels like a cushion!
  • Small white and yellow star shaped flowers will bloom in spring and release seeds for next season (or to harvest!);
  • Sagina subulata also known as Irish Moss is actually a perennial and will grow back next year after winter;
  • Using this Irish Moss in your driveway is absolutely stunning, and a natural alternative in-between flagstones in the garden 🌱;
  • 1,000 seeds per 1 sq ft - We recommend getting more seeds than what you need in case of a spot missed.