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Lithops are a lazy plant parent's dream come true. Plus, they look like little butts! While it isn't true that they require NO water, during certain seasons they can go months and months (and months) without any! Caring for Lithops is ridiculously easy, once you understand them. 

These Lithops already come in a premium 90/10 soil mixture that is ideal for their roots, no repotting necessary.

Lithops like lots of sun. A south or western window with optimum light is an ideal place for your plants. They grow happily when grown in conditions between 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Where most people go wrong with Lithops is with watering. Since Lithops have the ability to store water for months in their leaves, watering this plant at the wrong time in their growth cycle can lead to root rot, and then a quick demise. 

Water your Lithops once every 2 weeks during the late summer/fall. But once the winter season hits,  it's best to leave it be and not water at all, as this is when its old leaves will start to die and new ones will begin to grow inside, and watering it during this time of the year could have a negative effect on its growth. If your plant is actively splitting (shedding its old leaves), DO NOT WATER.  Once your Lithops has completed splitting, and the old leaves are completely shriveled away, you may water again. 

This may mean you go six months without watering your plant. This is normal.