Mite-y Spray: Plant Lady Brand Insecticidal Soap

Mite-y Spray: Plant Lady Brand Insecticidal Soap

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This has been SOOOO requested!  We finally bottled up the spray mixture that we use in the store to discourage fungus gnats and kill spider mites as well as other soft bodied insect pests!  

Spray all over leaves (including the undersides of leaves - where pests often congregate!) and soil.  Allow to drip dry away from direct sun.  Shake contents well before application. 

Kills: Spider Mites, Aphids, Thrips, Mealy Bugs, Fungus Gnat Larvae and eggs

Discourages: Adult Fungus Gnats

Water / Spearmint Soap / Peppermint Soap / Alcohol / Hydrogen Peroxide

.5 Liters per bottle
16 fluid ounces 


Bring your empty bottle back to the store and we will refill for $10 :)