Monstera Albo Plushie by Blushiez

Monstera Albo Plushie by Blushiez

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Have you ever wanted to add this exotic beauty to your collection but a) couldn’t afford it or b) probably couldn’t keep it alive or a mix of both?

Take home our 15” Monstera plushie and she will thrive forever!

Designed with weighted beads to keep her upright and with bendable metal support within the stem and parts of the leaf, you can even customize the look of your plant! Makes a perfect work desk gift or thoughtful present for all plant parents.

 About the brand:

“Blushiez was started by Asian American plushie lovers from San Jose during the pandemic. While stuck at home learning how to bake sourdough and grow houseplants along with everyone else, we decided to try and make the world a cuter place.

We celebrate our Asian American heritage through our original kawaii designs influenced by our food and culture.”

 You can follow Blushiez on Instagram at @blushiezofficial