Monstera 'Albo'
Monstera 'Albo'

Monstera deliciosa var. borsigiana albo-variegata

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The mother of all variegated plants - once you've seen a Monstera Albo there's no going back. Leaves are a deep green and variegation can be minty to stark white.  There really is no other plant quite like this one. 

Monstera Albos prefer very bright light, but keep away from hot sun on the leaves or it may scorch. Allow to dry between waterings.  Prefers high humidity but will do fine in average household conditions. 

The Monstera 'Albo' currently for sale is a rooted mid cut that has already grown a new leaf.  The old leaf is starting to yellow off a bit, which is normal as the plant draws energy from the old leaves to support the new ones. Eventually you can cut off the old leaf and allow the plant to focus on new growth. 

Place in a high light spot to encourage even more variegation!