Musa spp. 'Florida'  (Variegated Banana Tree)
Musa spp. 'Florida'  (Variegated Banana Tree)
Musa spp. 'Florida'  (Variegated Banana Tree)
Musa spp. 'Florida'  (Variegated Banana Tree)

Musa spp. 'Florida' (Variegated Banana Tree)

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This plant has brought many collectors, hobbyists, and general plant enthusiasts to their knees.  It is considered by many to be the most gorgeous variegated plant that there is, and I happen to agree. The leaves look impossibly beautiful, as though they were painted hand painted with emerald green, mint, and pure white.  And even the fruit is variegated as well! 

To add to this plant's mystique, a ban on importing banana plants overseas went into place two years or so ago, which has decimated the supply and raised the demand. This plant, already considered beautiful and rare, now has a cult-like following, and the price reflects this.

Due to the import ban, our shop needed to find these plants domestically. We searched for about a year and are so so so so so excited to finally have expertly grown variegated musa to offer you today.

From our grower:

'These plants are currently acclimated to 70% humidity. They’re not finicky once they are at this size. They are watered every few days. Don’t let the medium dry out and don’t let water sit on the leaves.  We feed these every watering with a balanced fertilizer (20-20-20).'

This plant is considered a lowland tropical plant.  Once established it is possible to grow it outside in warmer parts of the Bay Area under a light shade cloth. Otherwise we highly recommend growing this plant indoors in a sunny window or under Sol Tech grow light.

My personal experience is that these happily adjust to regular household humidity after a period of adjustment where you may experience some browning of the leaves.  New leaves will grow that are better suited for your environment. Again this is my personal experience and results may vary. 

I am excited to welcome six of these gorgeous, healthy babies to our shop.