Philodendron billietiae variegated

Philodendron billietiae variegated

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Variegated philodendron billietiae is a sub-variety of the beautiful philodendron plant known among houseplant enthusiasts as one of the most attractive examples of a variegated vine climbing plant. Like most philodendron plants, this plant has an impressive and distinct Araceae family's 'elephant ear' shape that is very attractive and sought-after. It is considered an intermediate-level houseplant in terms of care, and the variegated plants in this family of tropical plant types make for a stunning focal point in any home.

Philodendron billietiae is a fairly compact plant compared to other examples of philodendron. It produces long, strap-shaped leaves known for deep rich foliage, including orange stems and aerial roots. It's a must-have for a collector.

It is a climbing plant by nature and usually reaches around three feet and a spread of less than a foot, though they can get bigger at times. It has long and prominent petioles, which would grow up to one foot long when it matures. Provided with support for the plant itself and the right set of environmental factors, it can grow surprisingly large leaves that make a statement!

Variegated billietiae is considered extremely rare - sometimes known among collectors as a “unicorn plant.”  This is the first one we’ve carried in the shop and will likely be the only one we get for a long time.