Philodendron ‘Gabby’
Philo Gabby mother plant

Philodendron ‘Gabby’

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Description via Gabriella Plants:

“This oddball sport of the Brasil Philodendron has been naturally occurring and propagated in our greenhouse for over a decade.  It's very unpredictable and features white and a cream color.  This plant has also been marketed as "Cream Splash" in the past by other shops that received this from our greenhouse as early as 2011 without a name. 

It enjoys shade and hates full sun and will be a fun one to watch.  Please note that because of it's tendency to produce high levels of white variegation, it's not uncommon for the all white leaves to wither and die after a longer period of time.  You are buying a sport which is not a 100% consistent plant”

This is a cutting taken from a mother plant which was acquired via Gabriella Plants (second photo).