Philodendron 'Whipple Way'

Philodendron 'Whipple Way'

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Philodendron 'Whipple Way' is a holy grail plant for lovers of variegated aroids.  It is extremely variegated - when grown in bright light only small flecks of green and pink are visible on a creamy white leaf. Many copycats of this plant exist, so it is important to know the history of this particular plant in order to make an educated purchase.  

Growers by the name of Dick & Ralph, in California, cultivated this plant from a sport Philodendron domesticum years ago, and passed cuttings down through a tight community of niche US growers. It was named after the street they lived on. A Whipple Way from this lineage will always be a pale, creamy white, pink or light green leaf with small flecks of darker green and pink - never large chunks of dark green.  

To read more about the authentic Philodendron 'Whipple Way' I encourage prospective buyers to read this article

Care for Whipple Way is typical for Philodendrons - allow to approach dry between waterings.  Due to its highly variegated nature, growing the plant in bright light will keep it looking its best.