Pinguicula emarginata
Pinguicula emarginata flower
Pinguicula emarginata flower

Pinguicula emarginata

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Pinguicula emarginata is a gorgeous species of butterwort. P. emarginata produce leaves with dark purple coloration around their uniquely cup-shaped leaves. This is a relatively small, but uniquely attractive species that is an absolute must-have for any Mexican Pinguicula collection. The flowers of P. emarginata are tiny, white, and star-shaped.

These plants are currently 1-2" across. This plant will be shipped bare-root


This butterwort likes to be kept quite wet. It grows in boggy conditions, so it prefers its soil to be damp at all times. The most effective way to achieve this is by keeping potted butterworts in a tray or dish of water.

It also requires water that is very low in salt and other minerals. For this reason, we recommend distilled, rain, or reverse osmosis water if you live anywhere other than San Francisco


This butterwort requires extremely bright light to thrive. A windowsill with 4-5 hours of direct sun is best, or it can be grown outdoors in full sun if protected from wind and freezing temperatures. Butterworts also grow well indoors under bright fluorescent or LED lights.


This butterwort can handle a very wide range of temperatures. It can easily handle 100+F daytime temperatures as long as its soil is kept wet. Chilly nights into the high 40s are also fine. Mexican butterworts are not resilient to extreme cold, so they must be protected from freezing temperatures.


Bugs are fertilizer for butterworts, and they don't need much. Plants grown outdoors will catch plenty of prey by themselves. Indoor plants will also catch some. If you'd like to feed your plants, it's best to feed them bugs (like swatted flies, or freeze-dried meal worms), or things like betta fish pellets, which are made from krill. You can also mist your plants with a 1/4 strength orchid fertilizer. Do not fertilize through the roots, as this can damage or kill butterworts.


This Mexican butterwort has no dormant period. It cannot tolerate freezing temperatures, and should be kept wet and sunny all year round.


This butterwort is of medium-small size, and usually maxes out at 1-2 inches in diameter.


Never use commercial potting soils for butterworts. These often contain fertilizers or other minerals and are dangerous for your plants. Use either a mix based on long-fiber Sphagnum moss, or one based on fertilizer-free Sphagnum peat.  Most carnivorous plants can be repotted every 2-3 years.

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My emarginata is a triplet 😍 i actually keep mine on my stairs under a skylight and it does fine. Love the tiny white flowers. Even with not super bright light, the color on the edges have stayed. A must have!