Silver Ribbon Fern
Silver Ribbon Fern

Silver Ribbon Fern

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The Silver Ribbon Fern likes bright, indirect light but never expose them to hot, direct sunlight or the foliage will burn.       

Keep a consistent watering schedule, allowing for even moisture at all times. This is not a drought tolerant plant. Make sure your pot has good drainage so the roots are not sitting in stagnant water.

The ideal temperature for this plant is between 55°F - 75°F but not below 50°F. It is somewhat hardy in that it can tolerate lower temperatures but a standard household temperature is best. If your temperature is lower, reduce watering until the top of the soil dries out. This fern grows best in a humid environment so mist the leaves in the morning or give the plant a humidifier.

Ribbon ferns can grow to about 1' to 2.5' tall. They have a moderate growth rate and can reach maturity in 2 to 5 years. Give the plant a half strength fertilizer every 2 to 4 weeks during the growing season, April through September, to encourage healthy new growth on your plant.