Syngonium Pink Perfection
Syngonium ‘Pink Perfection’
Syngonium ‘Pink Perfection’

Syngonium ‘Pink Perfection’

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So, if you want a plant that’s beautiful, easy to maintain, and hard to kill, a syngonium Pink Perfection, or any other syngonium, will be an excellent choice.  Growers hang them in baskets or let them climb up sturdy support. Either way, their leaves give a beautiful color to any interior and clean your surrounding air.

In their natural habitat, the pink syngonium plant is a vigorous climber that starts as under-story forest plants in low lighting and grows up into the tropical forest's leaves and branches to get more sun and fresh air. As with most living things, you will get the best results from these plants when you take steps to replicate their natural circumstances. Provide a tropical forest environment by keeping your arrowhead plant in a warm, humid setting with the kind of bright, indirect sunlight you would find in a jungle. If you want to go high, try providing your plant with a branch or moss-covered pole to climb.

But, don't worry, the Pink Syngonium is easy to care for. You won't have to climb after it. The plant likes humidity, yet does not need to be watered constantly. Syngonium can be placed about anywhere in the house, office, or your shop. Close to a window with filtered sunlight is perfect.