Tradescantia ‘Rainbow’  AKA 'Tricolor'
Tradescantia ‘Rainbow’  AKA 'Tricolor'

Tradescantia ‘Rainbow’ AKA 'Tricolor'

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The delicate colors on the dainty leaves combined with its ease of care make this an extremely sought-after houseplant for beginners and experienced collectors alike. Be sure to keep fully pink or fully green stems pinched back to promote variegation. Green stems, while pretty in their own right, grow faster than the vareigated parts, and will quickly take over the plant.

Bright light helps this cultivar keep its pretty colors but too much sun will cause pale and washed out leaves (if kept outdoors, or in extremely bright south or west windows). If you notice signs of sun stress, move the plant slightly away from the light source until it seems happier.

Allow to dry between waterings unless in full sun.