Angry Bunny Bladderwort (Utricularia sandersonii)
Utricularia sandersonii (Angry Bunny Bladderwort)

Utricularia sandersonii (Angry Bunny Bladderwort)

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Famously referred to as the “Angry Bunny bladderwort” due to the uncanny resemblance of the flowers to frowning lagomorph faces, this species is an easy-growing, easy-blooming plant that covers the soil in roughly wedge-shaped leaves and throws up numerous stalks covered in white and purple-patterned blooms that sport what look distinctly like purple-centered ear lobes and a skirt sporting a scowling face. While this form is not as rapid-growing as the blue form, it is far more generous in flowering.

Bonus: Bladderworts are actually carnivorous plants! However they hide their carnivorous parts under the ground (in the wild they capture small water creatures like plankton). 

Water: Many Utricularia enjoy very wet, almost semi-aquatic conditions. Don’t let them dry out and occasionally allow the water to rise above the soil level. For some species, this helps induce flowering too!

Like all carnivorous plants, use low mineral or mineral-free water, such as distilled water, rain water, or purified water by reverse osmosis.

Planters: Utricularia are not picky and can grow in a variety of containers, even cups with no drainage holes! I prefer containers with no drainage because they make it easier to raise the water above the soil level. They don’t have extensive root systems, so planters can be deep or shallow.

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