Xanthosoma lindenii ‘Magnificum’ (Caladium Lindenii)

Xanthosoma lindenii ‘Magnificum’ (Caladium Lindenii)

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The genus of the beautiful Xanthosoma lindenii 'Magnificum' has been debated for 150 years. Sometimes described as a Caladium, Xanthosoma, or most recently Phyllotaenium, the mystery around this plant makes it even more endearing to us.

The bright white veins on the elongated arrow-shaped leaves remind us of a jewel Alocasia or even a velvet Anthurium. This plant grows where North and South America meet, so they appreciate warm temperatures and humidity, but as a houseplant they're not too difficult to keep happy!


 Light: Bright, indirect light
• Water: Water when the top 1-2" of soil feel dry. This plant prefers to stay evenly moist instead of very wet or very dry. 
• Considerations: Shield this plant from drafts. This plant appreciates slightly higher humidity. Like other Caladiums and Alocasias, if the temperature or light levels decrease too much, the plant can lose its leaves and enter a dormancy period until conditions improve.